Interface to Los Alamos Atomic Physics Codes

This is your gateway to the set of atomic physics codes developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The well known Hartree-Fock method of R.D. Cowan, developed at Group T-4 of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is used for the atomic structure calculations.

Electron impact excitation cross sections are calculated using either the distorted wave approximation (DWA) or the first order many body theory (FOMBT).

Electron impact ionization cross sections can be calculated using the scaled hydrogenic method developed by Sampson and co-workers, the binary encounter method or the distorted wave method. Photoionization cross sections and, where appropriate, autoionizations are also calculated.

Click here for references describing the physics behind the codes. Original manuals for the atomic structure code, the collisional excitation code, and the ionization code, are available by clicking.

On the following pages you will be able to define the ionization stage of an element and pick the initial and final configurations. You will be led through a series of web pages ending with a display of results in the form of cross sections, collision strengths or rates coefficients. Results are available in tabular and graphic form.

WARNING - In order to successfuly navigate you must use the radio buttons to go to and from different pages. Using your browser buttons may cause incorrect information to be passed to a new page. Please use the exit button to end the calculations.

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