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Astrophysical Opacities

LEDCOP® Astrophysical Opacities mixed by TOPS®

Welcome to the Los Alamos astrophysical opacity page. This page will enable users to select and view precalculated opacity tables for a selection of standard astrophysical mixtures as well as providing several widely accepted variations in the Z composition for some of these mixtures. The web page provides a broad range in X, Y and Z for each mixture. Individual X-Y-Z tables or the entire set of X-Y-Z tables for each mixture may be downloaded by the user for use in their model calculations. There are more than 1500 Rosseland opacity tables available to the user on this web page, which should satisfy most astrophysical models. Tables not available on this web page can be calculated on the main opacity web page. Requests for nominating new mixtures to be added to this astrophysical opacity page should be sent to the e-mail address given at the bottom of the page.

These tables are based on LEDCOP® data from April 2000, with the location of the onset of '9.999' boundary values slightly modified for certain mixtures in August 2022.

For ATOMIC®-based data click here

Mixture selection

Ross-Aller (standard mix):    download data

Anders-Grevesse-Noels (standard mix):    download data

Anders-Grevesse-Noels (alpha enhance I):    download data

Anders-Grevesse-Noels (alpha enhance II):    download data

Anders-Grevesse-Noels (Na,Mg,Ti enhance):    download data

Anders-Grevesse-Noels (V - Zn reduced):    download data

Anders-Grevesse-Noels (N enhanced 2x):    download data

Anders-Grevesse-Noels (N enhanced 4x):    download data

Anders-Grevesse-Noels (N enhanced 8x):    download data

Anders-Grevesse-Noels (N enhanced 16x):    download data

Grevesse-Sauval (standard mix):    download data

Grevesse-Sauval (Ne decreased by 15%):    download data

Grevesse-Sauval (Ne increased by 15%):    download data

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