Materials available for mixing by TOPS

Materials can be referenced by chemical symbol, atomic number, or matid.

                           Available materials
  Z  Element  New Matid   Old Matid       Z  Element  New Matid   Old Matid
  1     H      n15254      n15253         2     He     n15764      n15763
  3     Li     n12294      n12293         4     Be     n12026      n12025
  5     B      n12334      n12333         6     C      n17834      n17833
  7     N      n15004      n15003         8     O      n15014      n15013
  9     F      n15044      n15043        10     Ne     n15414      n15413
 11     Na     n12443      n12442        12     Mg     n12864      n12863
 13     Al     n13719      n13718        14     Si     n13814      n13813
 15     P      n13912      n13911        16     S      n14013      n14012
 17     Cl     n15022      n15021        18     Ar     n15173      n15172
 19     K      n12462      n12461        20     Ca     n12032      n12031
 21     Sc     n12182      n12181        22     Ti     n12962      n12961
 23     V      n12552      n12551        24     Cr     n13072      n13071
 25     Mn     n13082      n13081        26     Fe     n12143      n12142
 27     Co     n13122      n13121        28     Ni     n13102      n13101
 29     Cu     n13332      n13331        30     Zn     n13142      n13141

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