Web Page Upgrades

August 17, 2015

Many capabilities have been added to this version of the LANL T-1 Opacity Web Page. Users should check this page when they sign on to see what new features, materials, etc. have been added, especially if the update dates on the input page have changed. The most recent upgrade is associated with allowing access to the newer (ATOMIC) opacity data, while retaining the older (LEDCOP) data for historical comparisons.

May 18, 1999

1. Graphic Interfaces - All of the opacity data may now be plotted.

2. SESAME Format - SESAME format tables may now be downloaded.

3. Data Handling - Users may now calculate large tables, then use the range limits on the temperatures, densities and photon energies to reduce the tabular sizes both for plotting and for downloading data.

There have been many changes made to this Web Page for this upgrade and while we have tried to check all of the new options, some bugs may have slipped through. If you have any troubles, please email us from the link at the bottom of this page. We would also like to hear general comments, improvements, etc that users feel will improve the new interfaces.

Please mail questions or comments to:
LANL T-1 Opacities <opacity@lanl.gov>