References for the TOPS code

N. H. Magee, Jr., J. Abdallah, Jr., R. E. H. Clark, et al., "Atomic Structure Calculations and New Los Alamos Astrophysical Opacities", Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series (Astrophysical Applications of Powerful New Databases, S. J. Adelman and W. L. Wiese eds.) 78, 51 (1995).

TOPS: A Multigroup Opacity Code; Los Alamos Report LA-10454, by Joseph Abdallah, Jr. and Robert E. H. Clark.

Astrophysical Opacity Library; Los Alamos Report LA-6760-M, by W. F. Huebner, A. L. Merts, N. H. Magee, Jr., M. F. Argo

The Los Alamos LEDCOP code; Los Alamos Report LA-UR-97-1038, by N.H. Magee, A.L. Merts, J.J. Keady and D.P. Kilcrease

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